No to tar sands

Because for Quebec its all risk and no reward, say no to TransCanada's Energy East pipeline project!

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TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline project would bring 1.1 million barrels of crude oil a day from Alberta’s tar sands Western Canada to port in Saint John, New Brunswick for export to foreign markets.

The project includes:

  • converting an existing natural gas pipeline to carry crude oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to Ontario
  • building a new pipeline from Cornwall, Ontario through southern Quebec to New Brunswick
  • building an oil port somewhere on the St. Lawrence river.

At 4400 km in length, it would be the largest pipeline project in North America.

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All risk, no reward!

TransCanada’s Energy East project:

will not save you money at the pump:1 Instead, oil companies will pocket extra profits.

is about getting oil to foreign markets: A mere 7% of the oil would stay in Quebec, versus 70% to 90% that would go to foreign markets.2

presents a safety risk to Quebecers: There is a high risk of spills. The number of pipeline spills in Canada has tripled over the past decade.3

could deprive millions of people of clean water: A spill could compromise the drinking water supply for several million people. (Also: on a daily basis, production in the tar sands uses the same amount of water as a city the size of Montreal.)4

will significantly exacerbate climate change: Tar sands extraction is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. It represents the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.5 The Energy East Pipeline project alone would generate an additional 30 to 32 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year. That is the same as adding 7 million cars to our roads.6

Did you know that this pipeline would threathen the Saint-Lawrence belugas' habitat, as well as increase the oil sands production by 40%? Energy East 101 will answer your questions in 4 minutes.


Act now!

Today, I take action by asking the federal government to reject the proposed TransCanada Energy East project until proof has been made beyond a doubt that it is safe, that it does not increase Canada's greenhouse gas emissions, and that it will have no environmental impact for communities.


[1] According to Mathieu D'Anjou, main economist, Desjardins Études économiques, and economics professor Jean-Thomas Bernard.
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