Say NO to the Teck Frontier project

The federal government must reject the construction of what would be Canada’s largest ever tar sands mine.



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We’re calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make the responsible choice for our future and to reject the Teck Frontier oil sands project now. We need to invest in the environmental and energy transition rather than fossil fuels. The federal government went down the wrong path with the purchase of the Trans Mountain project in its last mandate. It cannot repeat its mistakes in this new mandate.

What is the Teck Frontier project?

A climate bomb

  • It would be the largest tar sands mine ever constructed in Canada: 29,000 hectares, an area larger than Laval.
  • 260 000 barrels of oil a day for forty years.
  • 6 million tonnes of CO2 emitted every year until 2067.
  • The project would make it would make it impossible for Canada to reach its Paris Agreement objectives.

An ecological catastrophe

  • 14 000 hectares of wetlands destroyed.
  • 3 000 hectares of ancient forests razed.
  • 3 000 hectares of peat bogs lost.
  • A threat to biodiversity.
  • Habitat loss for numerous boreal forest species, including endangered species.

A violation of Indigenous Peoples’ rights and culture

  • Negative impacts on Indigenous Peoples, on their rights to use land and resources, on their culture and their traditional way of life.

An economically irresponsible project

  • There is a great deal of evidence showing that oil prices will not be high enough to make the project economically viable.
  • Canada (i.e. taxpayers) may therefore find itself in a situation where it would need to subsidize an unprofitable mine.
  • TECK Resources, the company behind the project, has failed to show that it would be able to cover the rehabilitation costs once the mine is closed.

We don’t have much time. Justin Trudeau's government must make its decision on the Teck Frontier project by the end of February.

Considering all its impacts on the climate crisis, on the environment, biodiversity and on Indigenous Peoples, we are against the Teck Frontier tar sands project.

We call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet to reject the Teck Frontier tar sands project and instead commit to investing in sustainable industries with secure jobs.

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