Yes to connecting neighbourhoods for pedestrians and cyclists in the Turcot project!

Ask Prime Minister Philippe Couillard by June 23rd to maintain the pedestrian overpass promised by the Transport Ministry in the Turcot project.

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In the Turcot Interchange reconstruction project, a pedestrian overpass (“dalle-parc”) was originally designed to allow for pedestrian and cyclist movement, but it now seems this overpass has disappeared from the plans!
However, the Turcot project had originally been sold to the population with an overpass that would not only restore a link between neighbourhoods, but also connect green spaces and promote active transportation. In that sense, we believe the pedestrian overpass is essential to connecting the St. Jacques escarpment, the Turcot yards and the Lachine canal. This connection also makes sense in the perspective of creating a large green space at the heart of the Turcot yard, a vast space which offers great opportunities only minutes away from downtown.

Highways have created major urban boundaries along the years between the downtown area and residential neighbourhoods. We have the opportunity, when redesigning highways, to put right the flaws from the past and to allow better circulation between neighbourhoods for pedestrians and cyclists.

At a time when the need to plan our cities around public transit and active transportation is becoming a priority, the Government of Quebec must not give up on its commitment to build this new pedestrian and cycling link in the Turcot yard.

We will present the petition to Prime Minister Couillard before the end of the parliamentary session. For more information, please visit our website (French only for now).

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